The Byes Riverside Park, between the village of Sidford and The Old Tollhouse, is one of Sidmouth’s most important green spaces. About 2km in length, The Byes is made up of the many fields and meadows surrounding the River Sid, which is the smallest river in Devon at just over 6 miles long. The Sid Vale Association (SVA) Natural Reserve forms a major part of The Byes. It was purchased to encourage wildlife conservation and to provide free public access for residents and visitors to enjoy. The land is protected and this combination of habitats has resulted in an area of ecological importance.

Combining the species list generated with information about species lifestyles and habitat requirements, along with information about their conservation status, will help to establish the ecological importance of the Byes and guide management practices.

All images taken in the Byes by local photographer Barry Curwin (click to enlarge)