Current Projects

There are a number of current projects: 

Bat & Bird Box

We are adding to the existing available natural habitats for birds and bats. Dead and rotting trees that provide safe homes are in short supply and often removed for public safety. Replacements need to be provided.

Riverfly Monitoring

We are working with the Biodiversity Group and Riverfly Partnership as part of a team to monitor the health of the River Sid

Apple Tree Pruning

Over the winter period we are pruning the apple trees this maintains the health of the trees and ensures a good harvest.

Blue Heart Wildflower Scheme

We are working with the national blue heart wildflower scheme to ensure nativewildflowers can thrive in the Byes

Steps Maintenance

The steps to Sid Meadow are in a poor state of repair and unsafe we are working to rectify this.


We are undertaking a thorough mapping of all the ecological assets that make up the Byes.